Influencer Promotion Consult £99

This is for the small business that wants to get the max amount of eyes on their business as quickly as possible! An Influencer is someone that has built a community of people via social media and bring what’s called Brand Awareness to a brand, item, or charity. The fastest way to grow online and grow your business is to get on an influencer’s raider.

Whether this is through a monetary exchange or service exchange, I will handle the entire process for you, and be sure to have all the analytics!

• 1 hour objective meeting with client

• Create shortlist of Influencers that fit objective

• 1 hour meeting with client choosing Influencer

• Hiring influencer

• Assisting Influencer with any photography/SEO/Caption needs for promotion

• Analytics report within 30 business days (You always want to give a campaign a full 30 days before analyzing)