Hi! I’m Laura, I was born and raised right here in Surrey and I’m now raising my own family here, my daughter and I love popping out for ice cream or having a little mooch in our local village.

I started off my career in social media as an influencer, and while I love it, in working with brands I did learn the importance of keeping our small businesses in our communities. Small businesses care about what happens in our community, they help fundraise for local causes, and they build a sense of community, I quickly learned we don’t get that from the big box stores.

I’ve found helping small businesses grow using social media has become a passion project of mine, and this is why I decided to take the leap and start my own social media consulting business. I know what it takes to grow online, I know how to create content that will capture your customers attention, and I know how to get the algorithm to work for me rather than against me!

The majority of my clients have been with me since I started this business and they’ve seen the direct impact to their sales after I took over the managing of their online presence. Not only are their businesses growing, but I have continued to keep my prices as low as possible! You’ll notice every other social media manager doesn’t display their prices and that’s because the cost is far beyond what most small businesses can afford, I proudly display mine because I have intentionally kept them as low as possible specifically for small businesses but because I also know I’m worth it, and I have never had a disappointed client!